Hi Henrik!

You have been with us at Future Position X for about one month now. Let´s get to know you better!

Your reflections so far?

Everything was so new- the whole idea of going to space was new and daring. “There were no textbooks, so we had to write them” Kathrine Johnson mathematician at NASA, USA.

That was some of the feelings I had after the first week here at Future Position X. What we do is exciting and new as it should be. Therefore, there are similarities to Kathrine Johnson, a programmer that had a great part of the success of the Apollo launch. Future Position X’s work with a data lake and digital twin of Gävle is also new, exciting and it is challenging a bit like Apollo’s moon landing.

What made you interested in Future Position X to begin with?

Being able to work actively with driving and facilitating data-driven innovation, business development and combine that work with sustainability and future green cities gives me a kick. That´s where I want to contribute.

What will be your role here at Future Position X?

I am process leader for acceleration and incubation. I work in order to take new ideas forward, or to take new ideas in established companies further out into new markets or to an international market.

Future Position X will work regionally, nationally and internationally. Something Sweden as a country is very good at, but I think Gävle and our region has some work to do in this area.

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