Job Offer for Students – Data Collection for Gävle Innovation Arena

The challenge 

A lot of Open Data is available on the Internet today but the question is what we mean with Accessibility and Reliability.

How easily can the data really be accessed and how reliable is Open Data from these sources. 

The challenge is to find Open Data from Public Sources and to check the Availability and Reliability for the data after 

  1. downloading and
  2. accessing using API’s

Sources might be Governmental Authorities, Counties, Municipalities, Non-Government Organizations and Companies. 

Examples: Weather, Railway Platform Information, News, Road Transportation Information, Air Pollution, Ground Pollution, Water Pollution, Water Reservoirs etc

To measure Availability and Reliability Live Testing for both downloading and direct use using API’s must be performed.
API’s and Results must be documented in Gävle Innovation Arena. If subscription is needed, terms for subscriptions should be documented. 



As Soon As Possible
50% during 3 months – Preferred
40% during 4 month – Acceptable



Short CV and Personal Letter (maximum 1 page for each) and Contact details.


Per Andersson, Process Manager, Research and Academy

This is Future Position X

Future Position X is a Non-profit Organization founded in 2006 when regional actors gathered in an initiative, with the mission to take position as a well established Geospatial Information Cluster.

Today, Future Position X is a Policy-driven Gold Label Cluster, a Vinnväxt Initiative.

We focus on Health and Well-being in the Smart, Sustainable, Viable City and Community,  connecting our actions to Agenda 2030 (The Global Goals for Sustainable Development).

We are a key stakeholder in empowering sustainable growth in the Region of Gävleborg and beyond.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Drive Research and Industrial Development in the Smart Cities and Community, GeoHealth and Sustainability
  • Support our member companies in Innovation and Development
  • Provide tools for developing new products and services associated with Geographic Data and Technology
  • Create activities for skill development and idea generation 
  • Creates international networks to support regional companies on the global market

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