The Gävle Innovation Arena

is an open arena where actors drive projects, create insight, understand and develop innovations and work with policy. All in the processes research, innovation, incubation and acceleration. The arena contains a reality lab currently 3*3 km of Gävle, a development platform and a 4D model over the reality lab and data.


The Sensing city studie is connecting the traits of the location and the well-being of the patient. The research studie is executed in a reality lab for public health and improved healthcare by collecting contemporary environmental data linked to patients health and location data.


We help small companies analyze their export and import venture. TRIIP targets small companies from Gävleborg, Dalarna and Värmland, with products or services with the potential to be developed and established internationally.The project provides opportunities for companies to develop new methods to create internationally competitive product packages.

Reach Us

Drottninggatan 18
803 20 Gävle

Organization Registration No: 802421-424

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