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In Research & Academy, Future Position X works close to the Universities and the Educational Platforms in the region. Together with researchers and companies FPX leads the way in innovation and education towards a more Sustainable Society. We offer students, researchers and companies possibilities for collaboration in forms of Theses, Internships, Projects and Funding.

FPX Academy

Future Position X offers Project work and Theses work for students. We engage in education activities that contribute to a more Sustainable Society.

We also engage in activities that drives the region forward in education from Grade School to University together with stakeholders such as Realgymnasiet, Folkuniversitetet, Plushögskolan and the University of Gävle.

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Future Position X engages in Research Projects as both Partner and Financier.

Connecting Researchers with Businesses and Stakeholders – creating an environment for Trans-disciplinary Research.

Interview with Dr. Malcolm Campbell and Dr. Mikael Epton from New Zeeland project team.

Success Stories


Through a venture with Vinnova, FPX has been able to run Training Programs for women in Programming.

One of the performers in the project is Tjejer Kodar, who, through their unique approach to Programming and Learning, have been able to engage a large group of women.

The interest and demand have been far greater than we initially anticipated within the framework of the project.

This is a clear indication that the work is important and must continue with the regional actors.

Sensing City

The Sensing City project was a multi-year, multi-partner International Study focused on Smart Technology in the city to provide health benefits to it’s most vulnerable citizens in a sustainable way.

The project took a series of disparate datasets on a specific testgroup and the environment, collected data using an ecosystem of technology, sensors and joined this previously un-linked data together to provide new Geospatial Health Intelligence.

The project was able to link environmental data from technology – hosted in the fabric of the city – to personal mobility and health data from smartphones in almost real-time.

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