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Future Position X – Research and innovation for a sustainable society

We create sustainable development and growth, within the field of Geo Health through four different processes: research, innovation, incubation and acceleration. Cooperation and leveraging on the systems common experience is the key to creating competitiveness, sustainability and growth in the region and beyond.

We cooperate/partner with

Quadruple helix actors such as innovators, entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, business, politicians, researchers, students, citizens, test pilots – everyone who wants to be a part of new innovations, companies, products and services, within Geo Health. This includes stakeholders implementing projects within research, development, monitoring and evaluation in both private and public sector.

Companies and organizations searching for innovation support or new models to encounter users, clients or markets. We help you find your way forward. We organize meetings between companies, organizations, researchers and users who stimulate and advance your business.

Researchers who seek collaboration or exchange with other researchers are free to use our extended national and international network. The criterion is for your research to somehow involve geographical information. A specific discipline is not required.

The Vinnväxt initiative GEO LIFE REGION

The ten year Vinnväxt initiative is promoting Geo Health, creating development and growth in the area of Gävleborg region and beyond. Read more about the Vinnväxt initiative here.




Future Position X

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