The organized workshops are part of the strategic innovation project Business models for IoT data in the public sector, which take place within the framework of the strategic innovation program IoT Sweden [link to:]. The project is coordinated by Future Position X in collaboration with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden [link to:] and Sensative [link to:]

During the spring, we have conducted four workshops so far, in collaboration with various public sector projects:

  1. An open workshop was held at United Spaces in Stockholm in February. The workshop was a successful Triple Helix collaboration with participants from academia, business and the public sector.
  2. A workshop where many different parties from Gothenburg participated. The workshop was organized through IoT Sweden’s IoT hub and project “Love IoT”. The workshop was conducted online.
  3. A workshop together with Allmännyttans digitaliseringsinitiativ where we looked at opportunities and challenges of the real estate industry. It was a very creative day with high energy and a mutual exchange of ideas and ideas about business models linked to IoT in the public sector. The public utility’s digitization initiative is a three-year investment aimed at strengthening and accelerating the real estate companies’ digitization. 100 companies have joined the initiative run by the Swedish Public Utility Association. [link to:]
  4. Workshop with a large project group from IoT Sweden’s strategic innovation project “City as a platform”, where 20 municipalities is participating. In the workshop, we jointly delved deeper into the opportunities and benefits of business models for IoT data in the public sector. The workshop was conducted online.


We are also planning a workshop in Linköping together with Linköping municipality in May.

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