Reality show for seniors gets honorable mention

Hack participant Anali Guzman is a former architecture- and international project management student. She works with startups and runs her own company. Anali was a member of the team Äldreverket together with Ezim Osai, Pradeep Vanamala and Mugahid Elnoury.

What made you come to Gävle for this hack?

–  I work with startups and I will be organizing a hackathon in Gothenburg, so I thought it would be fun to come and see how it worked out.

How did you like the hack?

– I think it worked really good, everybody got to choose which case they wanted to do. The different options were quite diverse, you could choose to work with schools, housing, elderly or job matching for example. Being only 24 hours long it made us have to get to the actual solution and work on it quite fast, and I liked that.

The assignment your team choose was “How can make a better cities for elders”.

–  Yes. We believe elderly people often don´t feel included when it comes to getting information. But they also like to feel independent, productive and connected to the people around them. They want to participate in events in their community, use the facilities provided and feel included.  

Tell me about your solution?

– Our suggestion was to create a reality show for the elderly, made by the seniors themselves. The thought was for the aging population group to have representation and to better understand what is being offered to them through a visible media.

Your team won the honorable mention from the jury. What do you think they saw in your idea? 

–  I think it was because our solution really was an out-of-the-box-idea. Most of the hackathon results also involve some kind of software solutions such as apps, networks or platforms. Instead, we started with who our users are, seniors not being so digitally advanced all the time. I think that resonated with the jury.

Will you continue to work on this idea?

–  I would definitely like to be a part of it in the future if Gävle Kommun wants to continue with the project.

What would you say is the best thing with hacks?

–  You can participate in this process over a weekend that makes you feel like you can change the world.

So, more hacks for you?

–  Yes, of course! I am definitely hooked on hacks!

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