Magnus Engström, CTO, Future Position X

Hello Magnus, warm welcome to us at FPX – I would like to ask you 3 brief questions now wheh you are a part of our team.

What are your reflections so far?

I find it very easy to commit to FPX and the overall goal and vision of the company. Working with innovation projects aimed at developing more sustainable and healthy cities is not only a good receipt for having great workdays, it is also something that to some extent gives me a greater sense of purpose in my day to day life.

As for what I see lays ahead of FPX there are some interesting technical challenges the will require us to think even smarter and align ourselves with great innovative collaborators.

Tell us, what is it that you do in your role?

My role is that of Chief Technology Officer, basically meaning that I’m responsible for making sure that FPX have an technological edge that makes us attractive in context such as data innovation projects.

Tell us a little about yourself.

 Most recently I worked at Bonnier News as head of architecture and data. I am a system developer turned data scientist by trade, but nowadays I tend to spend more time in conference rooms than writing code. I have extensive data modelling and machine learning experience, and I’ve had the fortune to be a key part in developing some digital eco systems and data platforms that are widely used. I am a very curious person, and tend to lose track of time while listening to passionate people talking about their areas of expertise.


Thanks alot Magnus, it´s great to have you in our team!

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