“Everything was so new- the whole idea of ​​going to space was new and daring. -There were no textbooks, so we had to write them ”Mathematics & Programmers at NASA Kathrine Johnson. Future Position X faces several similar challenges that the Apollo project did, which makes the organization extremely interesting.

How do we build the smart, sustainable and viable cities of the future that enable us to handle and reverse the negative trend that our climate is facing? That type of challenge motivates me and also to have the opportunity to connect processes, leadership and technology to this is very interesting for me.

The habitat where Future Position X grows and operates in a triple helix also means that  Future Position X has reached and will deliver clear results. This is something I want to be a part of and contribute to. During my time at Future Position X I have come to get to know the organization a lot and see incredible opportunities linked to how we can work with our owners, partners and members. The working group at Future Position X is quite new but the organization Future Position X and the network have been around for a long time. It is a good group with a lot of potential that will continue to change all the time, and to drive and develop this agile group to reach our goals is something I will work with as CEO.

Previously, I have worked as a management consultant with a focus on performing processes and profitability in SME companies. Before that I have worked as CEO, sales manager and marketing manager at a number of different companies with a focus in Sweden. When I started at Future Position X, I did not know how national and international the work would be, something that made the work even more interesting and where I also feel that I can contribute with my previous experience from working in a national and international environment . The strong connection with the public through the Municipality, the Region, the Academy, other clusters and the Swedish state, I think is a great strength when Future Position X has the goal and the vision that we have. Future Position X can use this position and also add the many strengths that the private industry has through strategic collaborations. That gives Future Position X the opportunity to be the link and enabler that we should be. This is a role I have previously had and it can properly handled be very powerful.

Best regards Henrik Dahl.

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