TRIIP – The Regional Innovation Internationalization Project, targets Micro-Enterprises from Gävleborg, Dalarna and Värmland. Businesses, Innovators and Entrepreneurs with ideas, products or services with the potential to be developed and established internationally. These businesses have the chance to be involved in developing new methods to succeed internationally.

The TRIIP – project ended 2018-12-31. Below you can read about some sucsess stories as a result from TRIIP.

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Success Stories

Tevsjö Distilleri

Tevsjö Distilleri has participated in the TRIIP- Project and received support from business coaches to develop an Internationalization Plan including a market analysis, product evaluation and translation for processing the Chinese market. In May 2018, they participated in a group trip organized by the TRIIP-project to SIAL Exhibition, Shanghai. The exhibition was a success for the company as they had the opportunity to network and pitch their products.

Spouse´s Anna and Jonas Larsson run Teve Kvarn (Mill) and Tevsjö Distillery in Hälsingland. Teve Kvarn is a 7 generation family owned business, dating back to the early 1800’s.  Today, the company has 10 employees and consists of Distillery, Mill, Restaurant & Event. What makes their business a little unique in Sweden is that they produce everything themselves. The grain target for production comes from nearby farmers in Hälsingland. They clean, peel and mill all grain, the finished flour is sold to bakeries around the country. More than 50% of the total production is licensed on behalf of other small and large producers.

They try to use locally sourced raw materials in the entire production. The distilled mash (called drank) is an excellent animal feed or raw material in baking. The goal is to recycle all left-overs. There are plans to heat all properties and a future greenhouse for tomato cultivation with waste heat from the distillery. The long-term goal is to expand production and invest in exports. As new contacts were established in China during the exhibition, there is interest in moving on to sell to Shanghai, with a population of 17 million.

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Zava Tec

As part of Zava Tec’s participation in the TRIIP-Project, the company received support from dedicated Business Coaches in refining their marketing strategy for internationalization, which resulted in two trips aiming to promote their products at Trade Fairs and company visits. Zava Tec chose to use TRIIP-sponsored travel to Charlotte, North Carolina, US to attend the PaperCon Fair.

During the PaperCon Fair, Zava Tec signed up with one new customer, Wisconsin Rapids and with one new retailer. They also sold 3 products during the fair and the retailer has since the fair sold more than 15 ZAVA® Seal-Rings.

The ZAVA® Seal-Ring was invented by Frans Sramek in 1986. Frans daughter Zuzana Sramek is running the company today. The Seal-Ring is used today within the Pulp- and Paper Industry all over the world. A patented quick-lock makes the ZAVA® Seal-Ring fast and easy to install without vulcanizing or disassembling equipment. The success factor is time saving, replacing an Seal-Ring takes a few minutes instead of three to four hours. Seal-Rings have been used by Scandinavian Industry since 1986 and in North America since 1990.

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InCoax joined the TRIIP-Project in 2016, they participated in workshops, received support from dedicated Buisness Coaches in buisness models, promotion and networking which resulted in a trip to China where they met investors, TeleCom and Real Estate companies.

Last year InCoax launched four new products at the market. These products are based on new technology and are a further development of previous products. During the past years, the company has developed around 40 different prototypes, testing variants of cables with different materials and technologies.

Participation in the TRIIP-Project has resulted in several improved processes within the company. For example, development work on the products as well as the sales and marketing.

In recent years, the company has applied for several patents. So far they have managed to get 10 approved patents. Over the past year, InCoax have employed 5 people and hired 2 new external consultants.

InCoax is an innovative company, they connect existing in-building coaxial networks to the Internet and provide high-speed access to tenants, consumers and customers. As they use free capacity in the coaxial cables, there is no need to pull new cables.

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