Sensing City

Interview with Dr. Malcolm Campbell and Dr. Mikael Epton from New Zeeland project team.

The research within Sensing City is performed through a co-operation between Future Position X, Canterbury University (New Zeeland), CRC-SI (Australia), Gävle Hospital and University of Gävle.

Sensing City is a unique study where geospatial traits (such as air quality) and the patients’ health are combined to better understand how patients with this disease can be supported to avoid hospitalisation.

The study in Gävle is conducted in the Gävle Innovation Arena – Reality Lab, where outdoor air sensors are installed to give close to real time understanding of the air quality around the patient. The air quality data can be displayed in the Gävle Innovation Arena – 4D interactive model.

To learn more, contact Per Andersson, Process Manager Research and Academy

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