Geo Life region – our Vinnväxt program

The GeoLife Region Initiative was launched in 2013 to make Gävleborg region Europe’s Geographic Information System capital and an internationally recognized region for the implementation of geo-technologies in the advancement of health and wellbeing.

GeoLife Region is organized into four distinct platforms:  

  • Research, academia and competence supply
  • Innovation
  • Incubation
  • Acceleration

The Gävle Innovation Arena

is an open arena where actors drive projects, create insight, understand and develop innovations and work with policy. All in the processes research, innovation, incubation and acceleration. The arena contains a reality lab currently 3*3 km of Gävle, a development platform and a 4D model over the reality lab and data.

The BIG project – Bettering life quality with Integrative GIS

The BIG project runs over three years and aims to develop a tool for urban planning in which community services, ecosystem services, and citizens’ quality of life are taken into account. By collecting large amounts of data about the city and connecting these to citizens’ health and well-being you can increase the understanding of how healthy, sustainable, and livable cities should be built in the future.

Business models for data in public sector

IoT Data is an important strategic resource when addressing the challenges of sustainable development. Far too often, the lack of business models is described as one of the barriers to accessing and utilizing data in the public sector. This creates unnecessary barriers that prevent IoT data from contributing to a better life in an interconnected world.

One roof – five possibilities

Market driven development of ecosystem services

Green roofs for sustainable cities

The vision of climate-neutral cities in 2030 requires, among other things, new solutions for the construction industry. Green roofs are part of the green strategies and solutions that have emerged to increase biodiversity and meet climate change in the cities. In some cases, they can also help create places for recreation, which can counteract the decline [motverka bortfallet]of urban nature as the urban areas expands.

The strategic innovation project “One Roof – Five Opportunities” will explore issues surrounding the establishment of green roofs in urban areas. The project is coordinated by FPX and driven within the strategic innovation program Viable Cities, financed by Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas.

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