The basic idea of ​​the project is to explore different possibilities to maintain and strengthen ecosystem services by applying green roofs to urban properties. The idea is to explore the profits and costs of five different green roofs from a property owner’s perspective. The analysis will form the basis for a green roof to be built on a new property in central Uppsala.

The property will be a combined office hotel and ordinary hotel and will be built by Mässing Fastigheter. They are currently in discussions with Uppsala Kommun about the detailed plan. In addition to providing a basis of knowledge for deciding what type of green roof this particular house should have, the project should provide a basis of general knowledge for property owners. At Messing’s new building in Uppsala, a combination of two or three different green roof functions will most likely be choosen.

 Today, there are drafts for the five different green roofing concepts that the project team is working on; Recreation roof, Energy roof, Water roof, Cultivation roof and Biodiversity roof. Marita Wallhagen from the University of Gävle will together with the Åsa Eriksson Ecology Group, put these parts together for the designated property into a large, cohesive roof with all the various components. Julia Wahtra and Sandra Gradin at Anthesis analyze the value of the ecosystem services that the green roof concepts generate, and Agneta Persson, Anthesis, leads the project.

During week 20, the project group will have a working meeting on this, and by that the first part of the project work will be finished. The next step will be to evaluate it from a real estate economic perspective.

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