Future Position X has been granted SEK 8.5 million by the EU to increase digital skills of employees at small and medium-sized companies in Northern Central Sweden. The project, which will begin this fall and lasts for 2.5 years, is being implemented in collaboration with IF Metall.


The European Social Fund (ESF) is the EU’s main tool for promoting employment in Europe. The ESF supports local, regional and national projects that create jobs, help the business community and strengthen the skills of individuals. At the beginning of the year, the Swedish ESF Council announced a total of SEK 32 million for projects within the program area Competency Development in Northern Central Sweden, ie Gävleborgs län, Dalarnas län and Värmlands län.

In fierce competition with many other players, Future Position X was awarded a sum of SEK 8,545,432 for an education project that will run over 2.5 years. The project is aimed at existing staff at small and medium-sized companies who want and need to learn more about digitization and have the opportunity to practice their knowledge in their workplace.

Initially, the focus of the program is broad, but the program participants will gradually have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a chosen technology. Participants will also complete a final project within the framework of their workplace during the program. For example, it may be a feasibility study, code programming or to set up a web shop, an assignment that will help to increase the company’s competitiveness. The project goal is for the participating employees to gain a greater understanding of the possibilities of digitalization. The project that starts in August is being carried out in collaboration with IF Metall.

Henrik Dahl is CEO of member organization FPX, who among other things works to develop digital competence in society.

– The support for this education project provides a fantastic opportunity for all the region’s players to work together to strengthen the position of employees in the labor market. Through local anchoring, we can identify the individual needs in the industry when it comes to digitization, and thereby achieve good results.

For more information contact:

Henrik Dahl, CEO at Future Position X. Email: henrik.dahl@fpx.se Tel: 070-670 2207

Conny Ingelsson, Ombudsman IF Metall Gävleborg. Email: conny.ingelsson@ifmetall.se

Phone: 026-54 76 82

Renate Almén is department chairman at IF Metall Gävleborg and one of the initiators of the project together with FPX:

– There is a great need for increased digitalization in the region´s industry in order for us to continue to be competitive as a region, both in Sweden and internationally. Together with FPX, we are developing an effective, concrete project that will produce good results and lead to positive development, both for the individual and for the industrial companies.


Future Position X is a member organization that works for growth through better health and well-being in the smart, sustainable and viable city. By creating relationships and collaborations, FPX contributes to new cross-sectoral links between business, academia and the public sector. FPX also contributes to knowledge development of new technology by creating meeting places and networks on issues such as blockchain technology, IoT and AI.

FPX is financed by the member companies, the Gävleborg Region and the European Regional Development Fund. In 2020, FPX was named Digital Innovation Hub by the EU. FPX is also a profit-growth initiative through the innovation and research program GeoLife Region, which is funded by Vinnova. Read more at www.fpx.se


IF Metall is a feminist trade union with over 300,000 members who together work for the right to a good and safe job. IF Metall works in large parts of the Swedish industry, including in the plastics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, steel, chemical and engineering industries. Read more at www.ifmetall.se


The European Social Fund:

The European Social Fund is the EU’s most important tool for creating more and better jobs in Europe. In Sweden, the Social Fund supports projects that promote skills development and counteract exclusion. Read more at www.esf.se.


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