PantR - GIS app for bottle deposit recycling

PantR – GIS app for bottle deposit recycling

With the Pantr project, FPX has been able to implement a project on the Innovation Arena, which was built on top of the data platform without any intervention, and at the same time generate a societal benefit.

Magnus Engström, CTO at FPX. Tell us why FPX implements a bottle deposit app project?

– We wanted to implement a concrete project on our data platform the Innovation Arena that could both be built on top of the data platform without any intervention, and at the same time generate a societal benefit.
We also wanted it to be a quick implementation that would at the same time give us increased insights and knowledge in how we can use the Innovation Arena for different types of projects. A bottle deposit recycle service met all of these criterias. There are several societal benefits in the project: Cans and bottles made of plastic and metal are recycled in a simple way, while non-profit youth associations gets the profit. Nor did we see a private actor could be the natural party of a service like this. A perfect FPX project in other words!

So what is the Pantr project?
– Pantr actually consists of two different apps; one to donate a bottle deposit and one to collect a bottle deposit. We started developing the apps in 2020, and along the way we came up with several improvements. The communications agency Twist & Shout has participated i the project and designed the two apps.

What is the main objective of the apps?
– It should be easy for the user to get rid of bottles with as few interactions as possible, while contributing to a better economy for local non profitable organizations of their choice.

What’s the next step for Pantr?
– We will continue with test groups in order to then launch the apps. We have reached the end of the innovation process and are looking to identify a party who wants to develop and run Pantr further.

When will non-profit organizations be able to register to become deposit-collectors?
– When we have carried out the initial user tests and can see that it works as it should we are one step closer to the finished product. A broader launch however requires a party with greater capacity and incentives to take over the launch.

Will you do more projects of this kind?
– Absolutely! The deposit app differs a lot from what we previously built, but it has been an incredibly fun and rewarding innovation process and we have learned a lot through the project. We want to increase the use of the Innovation Arena and are happy to carry out more projects like this.

Magnus Engström, CTO at FPX
Do you want to participate?

Are you member of an association that is interested in becoming a deposit colletor in the Gävle region? Contact us for more information on how you can participate in the project!

Register interest here

This is how Pantr works


Deposit holder app

• An individual request a deposit and enters the position for this either manually in a map or by selecting the phone’s position. For blocks of flats you must specify the floor plan.
• The size of the deposit is also stated. The idea is that there should be at least one full paper bag for it to be worth picking up for a non-profit organization, for example a football association for young people.
• A time frame for collecting the deposit is also stated, for example from this afternoon and four days ahead.
• The individual can also select a specific association in a list who will pick up the deposit, perhaps if you yourself are involved in that particular association.
• There is also a space for other comments, such as a warning for dog, or if the deposit is in a special place.

When an association has registered an interest in collecting the deposit, the user receives a notice of this, as well as when it has been collected

Deposit collector app

• Local non-profit associations should be able to register as voluntary deposit collectors, giving them access to an deposit collection area with a radius within, for example, 5 kilometers from a certain point.

• In the future organizations will be able to mark which specific areas they want to collect deposits in but that function is not implemented in the prototype.

• When a deposit is registered, active deposit collectors will receive a push notification with a message that a bottle deposit is available for collection and where it is located.

• The deposit collectors registers interest in collecting the deposit in the app according to first-come, first-served principle, and when the task is completed, it will be announced in the app.



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