Our Platforms

Future Position X’s Infrastructure consists of  four platforms:

In Research and Academy, FPX works close to the universities and the educational platforms in the region. Together with researchers and companies FPX leads the way in innovation and education towards a more sustainable society.

We offer students, researchers and companies possibilities for collaboration in forms of Theses, Internships, Projects and Funding. 


In the region, the actors have jointly ear-marked a strong ambition to raise the Regional Innovation System to the next level. This has for example resulted in the EU-funded project “Innovationsklivet”, which drives developments in the region’s area for Smart Specialization. Here Future Position X takes a natural place in the area of ​​Smart Cities.


 A Business incubator helps startup companies develop by providing support, knowledge and services such as startup programs, coaching and office space. Incubators are an important tool for regional and national economic growth. FPX are developing Incubation in connection to our area of excellence: Data driven innovation. In other areas we have a close cooperative with well established incubator Movexum


Future Position X has chosen to work with a selected number of approaches within the platform Acceleration to create conditions and infrastructure to support the smart, sustainable and viable city. We work closely with accelerators Movexum, Hidden Dreams and Leksell Social venture who offers individualized and tailored business coaching and work with social innovation.

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