One roof - five possibilities

One roof – five possibilities

Market driven development of ecosystem services

Green roofs for sustainable cities

The vision of climate-neutral cities in 2030 requires, among other things, new solutions for the construction industry. Green roofs are part of the green strategies and solutions that have emerged to increase biodiversity and meet climate change in the cities. In some cases, they can also help create places for recreation, which can counteract the decline of urban nature as the urban areas expands.

The strategic innovation project “One Roof – Five Opportunities” will explore issues surrounding the establishment of green roofs in urban areas. The project is coordinated by FPX and driven within the strategic innovation program Viable Cities, financed by Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas.


Benefits of green roofs

  • Biodiversity
  • Groundwater management
  • Resilience to climate change and urban heat islands
  • Cooling effect in combination with increased thermal mass – reduces the need for cooling of the property, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions from the energy source
  • Ecosystem services
  • Social values
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Social benefits

Sketch examples of five different roofs.

The green test roof

The green test roof

The pilot roof will be placed on a combined office hotel and ordinary hotel, built by Mässing Fastigheter in central Uppsala. A combination of two or three different green roof functions will most likely be choosen, like in this sketch. Marita Wallhagen from...

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Progress report May

Progress report May

The basic idea of ​​the project is to explore different possibilities to maintain and strengthen ecosystem services by applying green roofs to urban properties. The idea is to explore the profits and costs of five different green roofs from a property owner's...

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The test house

The test house

Within the project, a test roof will be modelled on a property made available to us from Mässing Properties. The house is located in central Uppsala. The building will include a hotel and a co-working office.

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The strategic innovation project “One roof – five possibilities” has been supported and implemented within the framework of the strategic innovation program Viable Cities, which is funded by Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas. Collaborations are facilitated by FPX through well-established networks and social hubs. The project also includes Mässing Properties AB, which contributes by providing green roof space, Gavlefastigheter Gävle Kommun AB and the University of Dalarna.

The project links well to the Viable City focus area “planning and built environment” and “integrated infrastructure” and includes the themes “innovation and entrepreneurship” and “models for financing and business development”. The project sheds light on a property owner’s perspective as well as a market perspective on measures of ecosystem services, which Energimyndigheten considers to be a good approach that provides good conditions for contributing to climate-neutral cities in 2030.




The project will examine which ecosystem services are suitable for roofs in the urban environment as well as what costs and benefits they entail from a socio-economic and a real estate-economic perspective. External monitoring of ecosystem services from a property perspective is also done. Five alternative solutions are developed for measures related to ecosystem services for the reference building used in the project.

The project also makes an analysis of socio-economic and real estate costs as well as a comparison between the different measures. Conclusions and recommendations for a market-driven development of measures for ecosystem services with the aim of preserving and strengthening the new ecosystem services.

The project aims to provide mutual learning and knowledge transfer, partly through a written report and partly through educational efforts at the University of Gävle and seminars within the framework of FPX’s work, as well as through seminars organized by the community builders and the property owners. Furthermore, science articles will be written with the aim of published in trade press and social media.

About the project

The preliminary study aims to create the conditions for a market-driven development of ecosystem services in the real estate industry. In the study, a concrete real estate perspective is linked to measures for ecosystem services. This is done through an inventory of obstacles and opportunities for property owners and an analysis of five types of measures’ ecological and financial contribution. The results of the analysis form the basis for recommendations to other property owners.

Project objectives


  • Identify driving forces and barriers for property owners (primarily small and medium-sized) regarding measures to strengthen and preserve ecosystem services, and to analyze how such measures can affect building calculations and real estate returns.
  • Identify what measures are needed to stimulate interest in the real estate industry and the result of the feasibility study is the basis for an upscaling of the real estate industry’s investments to strengthen and maintain ecosystem services.
  • Contribute with the foundation for the development of digital tools with choice of measures, which will stimulate a market-driven development of ecosystem services. By extension, the project contributes to increased knowledge and increased citizen engagement with respect to ecosystem services.


The project is coordinated by FPX and driven within the strategic innovation program Viable Cities, financed by Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas.

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