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ÖBO is Örebro’s public housing company with 23,000 homes and over 800 premises. The company’s 43,000 tenants constitute a large part of Örebro municipality’s citizens, resulting in Öbo’s innovative solutions being of enormous importance to the society. This great societal benefit is a vital incentive for FPX’s collaboration with the real estate company.

FPX’s contribution involves securing the future of major technology projects, not only for Öbo, but for other partners and stakeholders as well.
– It is possible that other public and private housing companies will benefit from what is developed within Öbo in the future, says Magnus Engström, CTO at FPX.

“FPX has been one of the most important pieces of the puzzle in order for ÖBO to launch Adapt at a swift pace and with good results.”

Malin Nyström is a digitization strategist at Öbo. She has summarized the collaboration between Öbo and FPX in a text that she chose to share with us at FPX:

Mutual trust, new perspectives and thinking outside the box.

During 2020 ÖBO took some real steps to ensure access to and quality of its data. By moving from a fragmented and locked system structure to working with data via the data platform Adapt we have created completely new conditions for ÖBO to contribute to customer-friendly and socially beneficial, digital services.

Tackling a known problem in a new way requires a courageous organization but also stable partners who are partly driven by the same values, but also who can complement and contribute with the perspectives and skills that are missing internally. It is both unlikely and unproductive to assume that ÖBO can stand alone in the transformation that the society is undergoing. FPX has been one of the most important pieces of the puzzle in order for ÖBO to launch Adapt at a swift pace and with good results.

In addition to contributions of pre-understanding and initial support, FPX have been involved throughout the project from the data policy that is now a key part of ÖBO’s digital strategy, to being an important party in the external reference group that followed the entire project.

During the year it also became clear with help and input from FPX that ÖBO’s new customer app could be built on Adapt, a work task that we initiated last fall. In addition to initiating the thought process, FPX connected ÖBO with competencies at Mittmedia/Bonnier News to carry out a UX workshop, which was the basis for the development. This provided the internal work at ÖBO with a good start, and increased the pace of the development project.

During 2021 the collaboration surrounding Adapt will continue, but we will also focus on how we together take the next step to really contribute to the societal development that both organizations are driven by. One given step is to work out an approach that enables ÖBO as an organization to securely share data for others to develop further. Another way is to put a sustainability perspective on the data platform to ensure that we do not use more data and data power than we actually need.


Örebro, December 14, 2020


Malin Nyström
Digitization strategist at Öbo

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