Mattias Durnik, new  board member at FPX. What do you do when you are not on the FPX board?

– I work as Director at the Department of Enterprise, Gävle Municipality. I started directly after summer last year and my role is a new position in Gävle Municipality. We have recently formed a new business department with the mission to switch up and develop the work to create a significantly improved business climate in Gävle Municipality.

What made you accept the assignment as board member at the board of FPX?

– When I got the question from the election committee, I had no doubt about my answer. I accepted directly. I find that FPX is a very interesting and important organization, not only for Gävle but for the whole of Sweden. I feel that very positive things are going on within FPX lately – and I want to contribute in the ways I can in the role of board member to continue the development of FPX.

On your spare time, what´s your favorite thing to do?

 – When I am not working, the focus is on my family and friends. I also exercise, at this season when the spring is coming I prefer outdoor running.

Thank you so much Mattias, we are happy to have you in our team!

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