Future Position X, BIM Alliance and Geoforum Sweden will jointly develop and implement a need-driven AI arena for the application of artificial intelligence in the public construction sector. This is established after Smart Built Environment’s major strategic investment “Kraftsamling – AI in community building” received funding for its implementation phase. Increased efficiency, quality and sustainability are benefits that FPX’s members and the construction sector in general can acess through the use of AI and machine learning. With the AI ​​arena, the associations wish to increase knowledge, create and strengthen collaborations and inspire application.

– Now we are in the initial phase and this is so exciting. FPX will be able to contribute with knowledge, best practice and suggestions on how and when to use AI and when to use more general digitization. The AI Arena is something FPX looks forward to building with Geoforum Sweden and BIM Alliance to create value for community building, and new business opportunities for companies and organizations. We already see several different exciting companies and skills that we want to collaborate with in this work. FPX works with smart, sustainable, viable cities and communities through digitalisation, what could be more right than to participate and be responsible for building an AI Arena in collaboration, says Henrik Dahl, CEO of FPX.

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