The University of Gävle, together with the universities in Dalarna and Mälardalen, has been awarded SEK 25.9 million by the KK Foundation to start the business research school “Future-Proof Cities” with a focus on sustainable urban development.


What is  unique of a business research school is that it is based on a social dialogue in which the academy, in collaboration with business and community planning, directly implements solutions for sustainable urban development.

– We will prioritize urban development in medium-sized cities, such as Gävle, Västerås, Eskilstuna and Borlänge. Urbanization is also very strong here, but much of the research has so far been about the big cities, says Stephan Barthel.

Ylva Fältholm, Principal of the University of Gävle wants to see a change, the cities of the future will develop without a negative environmental impact. – It is a great pleasure for me that together we can now develop new knowledge and give inspiration to build the future city, says Ylva Fältholm. With the efforts of the business community, the corporate research school comprises just over SEK 50 million.

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Ylva Fältholm, Principal


Stephan Barthel, Head of Research


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