Purpose and goal

The aim of the project has been to create increased conditions and increase motivation for women to work and work in the growing competence area ICT. Through a series of activities and educational efforts, the project has helped to raise the issue to a larger group in society than before and reached entirely new target groups that participated in the educational activities.

Results and expected effects

The women who participated in the project’s activities have exhibited characteristics and experiences that were not expected at the start of the project. On the one hand, the women who participated have been significantly more academically qualified and at the same time most have been professionals and saw the project’s educational efforts as a chance to test programming. Without the project, this would not have been possible to test for the target group.

Design and implementation

The project has been run on several tracks. The first thing that was created was a network for younger girls to meet role models and try out programming in collaboration with the Real Gymnasium, Gävledala E-sportförening and Escape gaming. The second has been to try out programs with Technigo under the brand Girls Codes, where women have been given the opportunity to try programming. A network with the education players in the region was created for the preparation of new types of education and with a business community for needs inventory and contact with future employers.




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