About Innovationsklivet

Innovationsklivet will facilitate people with ideas and solutions to problems or challenges by clarifying what innovation-promoting services are in Gävleborg and where they can get support in their entrepreneurship, regardless of where in the county they are or who they are.
With common forces and competences, a coherent, clear and accessible regional support system will be established to capture ideas that can be new innovations. The long-term goal is that this in turn will lead to more innovations, increased competitiveness and increased employment in Gävleborg.
Innovationklivet is a collaboration project between publicly financed actors responsible for innovation development in Gävleborg; municipal business offices, innovation nodes, innovation hubs, clusters and the University of Gävle.
The project owner and driving coordinator is Region Gävleborg. The project is funded through regional development funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Region Gävleborg and is ongoing 2017-2020.

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