Winning contribution Banana Peel in picture together with Per Andersson (FPX) Sara Johansson (CGI) and Anna Giljam Nilsson (Rector Real)

FPX is engaged in the Innovation Day at Realgymansiet in Gävle. We believe that the next generation of innovators can contribute to a more sustainable society where people are in focus.

Solutions that use new IT technology in combination with innovative concepts can create the conditions for reaching the sustainability goals set by the UN more quickly. Strong keywords from the day were gamification, nudging and community.

Among the things the students developed was an IT solution to accelerate the transformation into organic goods with the help of an application with a discount system. They also worked on the future recreation center where new technology and IT will be available to attract today’s young people.

The pupils showed great creativity and a commitment to the social challenges that give us hope for the future.

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