Grand Opening of Gävle Innovation Hub – 7th of March 11, 2019


Ceremonial markers are an effective way of calling for reflection on past activities and result to pave the way for the future to come.


Thursday, March 7, we had the pleasure of experiencing just such an important ceremonial marker, the inauguration of Gävle Innovation HUB a milestone in a work that has been running for several years.

We started the day with an inspiring workshop led by Samuel West.  A wide range of representatives from Gävleborgs business community participated. All the participants were pleased to receive some more pieces of the puzzle for how we can improve on our innovation capabilities. At the workshop we discussed the importance of a no blame culture, with high personal and organizational accountability. After this, the lectures and workshops continued at a rapid pace with organizations such as the University of Gävle’s industrial design program, the Realgymnasiet and representatives from the innovation system stakeholders.


Samuel West started the lunch session by lecturing on the importance of failure to develop your organization abilities . The lecture was followed by an uplifting panel discussion led by Eva (Regional Manager Företagarna). The participants received interesting comments on the topic of innovation from the panel. The the panel consisted of Johan (Director Region Gävleborg) Per (Entrepreneur Rebmax) Åsa (KSO Gävle Municipality), Ylva (Vice Chancellor HiG), Lena (Chairman of SISP) and Peter (Innovation Manager Vinnova). The opening ceremony itself was initiated by Per Bill with an introductory speech on the importance of Innovation and the excellent opportunities we have here in Region Gävleborg Many thanks all the 300 people that made this grand opening a fun, positive and creative day

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