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Geolife Region

The GeoLife Region Initiative was launched in 2013 to make Gävleborg region Europe’s Geographic Information System capital and an internationally recognized region for the implementation of geo-technologies in the advancement of health and wellbeing.

GeoLife Region is organized into four distinct platforms:

  • Research, academia and competence supply
  • Innovation
  • Incubation
  • Acceleration





1. Research and academia Platform

On an aggregate level, the platform will create a context that contributes to an environment attractive to researchers, which in turn contributes to inspirational applied research in areas that effect the GeoLife Region’s environments.

Inspirational and productive research and innovative higher education will, in turn, inspire and influence educational organizations and companies to create additional vocational training and other innovative educations that will contribute labor force in order to develop the area in the Innovation, Incubation and Acceleration platforms.

Viable research projects, a strong academy and a modern approach to competence maintenance will in turn encourage innovators, entrepreneurs and industrialists to establish a presence on GeoLife Region’s various arenas.

The platform is divided into four work packages:

  • Research
  • Academia
  • Supply of competence
  • Strategic work for a long-term development of the research area of sustainable cities and communities.

2. Innovation Platform

At an aggregate level, the Innovation platform will contribute to a context that creates an environment attractive to innovators and product developers. They will in turn contribute to innovations, services, processes, organizational changes and products in areas that effect GeoLife Region’s environments and development in a positive way.

Inspirational and innovative events and activities in the Innovation Platform help inspire and influence educational organizations, academia and research to create complementary vocational training and other innovative educations that will contribute to the development of the areas in the Incubation and Acceleration platforms.

Viable innovation, a strong academy and modern approach to supply of competence will in turn attract innovators, entrepreneurs and industrialists to establish a presence on GeoLife Region´s various arenas.

In addition to innovations, the platform will contribute to the development of innovation-promoting events both regionally, nationally and internationally, such as developing the conditions for data-driven innovation, dealing with policy issues to promote innovation and driving a “no blame” culture in the innovation world. The Innovation platform is designed to promote innovation collaborations and alliances. This will create a GeoLife Region that will be one of the most attractive environments and arenas where policymakers, game changers, innovators, public organizations and innovation promoters meet and work together to contribute to GeoLife Region’s overall vision.

The innovation platform is divided into the following six work packages:

  • The Arena for data-driven innovation
  • Innovation infrastructure
  • Collaborative projects to create new innovations
  • Innovation-promoting activities
  • National collaboration to drive innovation
  • Efforts to drive an innovation culture based on openness, generosity, equality, which is inclusive and drives a “no blame” culture.

3. Incubation Platform

The purpose of the incubation platform is to utilize the innovations, research and ideas created in the other platforms. The incubation platform is for the most part an aggregate infrastructure where the collaboration infrastructure and the process of collaboration between the various players in the ecosystem are made visible and made clear.

The incubation platform consists of a work package with the following sub-activities

  • Clarification of the incubation environment
  • Creating of processes to support smart specialization in incubation

4. Acceleration Platform

The main driver of the growth engine is achieved by already established products and companies through new applications, new customer segments, new markets and new partnerships. The acceleration platform provides an infrastructure for this. The need for an accelerator system specific to GeoLife Region is limited, as accelerator systems are already well developed from a national perspective. However, there are clarifications and bridges that need to be created for a viable environment.

The Accelerator platform consists of a work package and is developed with the following activities:

  • Identification and establishment of collaborative networks with national accelerators.
  • Mapping and process clarification of existing accelerator structures which collaborate with GeoLife Region partners.
  • Complementary functions of the accelerator structure for micro enterprises, as their structure does not exist in the same way as for other types of enterprises.

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