Garmin corporation has entered a collaboration with the BIG project. In order to collect health data from the participants of the project, the project will use fitness bands from Garmin that can measure heart rates and can gauge blood oxygen saturation levels during the night with the wrist-based Pulse Ox² sensor. The study will recruit a representative sample of 500 participants among the population of Gävle and give them a Garmin Vivosmart 4 each to wear. Over a period of 12 months the BIG project will collect the participants’ daily biometric data. All the data will be collected directly from the participants’ wrists, send to Garmin’s servers and then securely transferred via the Garmin Health API and safely encrypted at the servers of HIG.


Available biometrics

Thanks to this collaboration with Garmin, the project will be able to have direct access to a variety of different biometrics.

This information will be combined with GPS tracks of where people have been throughout their participation in the project.


– Combined with this data, this will give us a deep understanding of people’s health response to the landscape of Gävle, and that can lead us to understand what are the geographical properties of a city that are really able to promote people’s health and wellbeing, says Dr Matteo Giusti, Principal Investigator and project manager.

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