These are the five different functionalities the project is exploring. More than one functionality can be implemented at the same roof.

The Water Roof

With the proper equipment the roof can collect and delay storm water, and thereby relieve the city’s runoff water system.

The Cultivation Roof

A roof with greenhouses and cultivation boxes can provide the property with herbs, berries and fruit.

The Energy Roof

Photo voltaic (PV, solar cells), waterworks, and sedum floors provides locally produced sustainable energy supply and less energy costs. A sedum roof can have both a cooling effect as well as function as insulation. PVs will provide local, sustainable energy production, as may water works that transform rainwater to energy for example.

The Biodiversity Roof

With a varied vegetation of perennials, trees and shrubs, meadows and fruit orchards, combined with beehives and insect hotels, a roof can provide biological diversity to an urban area.

The Recreational Roof

By supplying a roof with running tracks, basketball hoops, boule and other sports equipment the roof becomes a place for recreation. A pergola, hot tub, barbecue pit and garden furniture can make the roof to a pleasant meeting point for residents.


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