EIT Digital 2021 supports entrepreneurship and technical education for a strong digital Europe


Until May 7, 2020, EIT Digital, Europe’s leading open innovation organization accepts proposals for activities under the EIT Digital 2021 program. The program addresses promoters who want to launch a digital technology startup or product, or establish entrepreneurial training in the field of digital technology. Proposals can be submitted from March 5 to May 7, 2020. The selection will be completed in end of June 2020 and approved activities are expected to start on January 1, 2021.

EIT Digital’s Innovation Factory supports pan-European collaborative groups in order to launch deep-tech startups and new products, with the goal to increase the global impact of Europe’s digital industry, strengthen sustainable economic growth and improve citizens’ quality of life. With our incubation support, selected activities will be embedded in our European ecosystem and receive financial co-investment in order to package their technology, acquire customers and attract investors.

For more information about the EIT Digital 2021 program, please visit eitdigital.eu/eitdigital2021.

EIT Digital’s Entrepreneurial Academy provides support for development and execution of programs and courses with business development-oriented components. Partners are called upon to co-invest with us and benefit from the effects of improved education that contributes to the digital transformation of Europe and the creation of a digitally qualified workforce.

The EIT Digital 2021 program is guided by EIT Digital’s Strategic Innovation Agenda 2020-2022, which identifies the five strategic areas of our work program: Digital Tech, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Finance. We believe these are the most important strategic areas to work with to ensure a strengthened digital Europe.

Over the years, proposals from EIT Digital’s circa 190 industry partners as well as 70 research- and academic partners have resulted in over 430 market launched products, more than 180 in-depth start-ups, over 2300 students with skills in innovation and entrepreneurship, and over 200 doctoral thesis concerning the field of digital technology.


Göran Olofsson, Node Director Stockholm

T: +46 (73) 765 22 69

M: goran.olofsson@eitdigital.eu

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