The Global Goals (Agenda 2030) is the global commitment to take on challenges, where of the solutions of these will secure a sustainable future for our planet. As all of the solutions are intertwined we need to take them all into account for a complete result.

To stimulate increased Diversity in corporate and association boards in Gävleborg county – a Diversity Award has been established. This award was initiated by StyrelseAkademien, Nordea in Gävleborg, Mellansvenska Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Företagarna, Länsstyrelsen Gävleborg (County Administrative Board) and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan.

During the Pride week in Gävle this Award Ceremony including a seminar addressing topics Diversity and Sustainable Growth took place at Gävle Slott. We of course wanted to participate at this great event.

The award “Mångfaldspriset 2018” was presented to KF Heros by Per Bill, Governor of Gävleborg.

Following the award ceremony Kristina Mickelsson (HiG) held a presentation on the importance of the company board for sustainable development and innovative leadership.

The afternoon was concluded with a panel discussion consisting of; Merhad Mesaei (entrepreneur and local company profile) Erika Wennerström (Gävle Pride and RFSL Gävleborg), Lars Pettersson (former CEO of Sandvik) and Inge Olsson (Chairman of the board, KF Heros).

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