As part of a larger gender equality project, co-funded by Vinnova, we were pleased to host a weekend course arranged and facilitated by Tjejer Kodar on October 27/28 at Engeltofta Sea Lodge Hotel, Gävle.

Over 200 women applied for the course, 30 were chosen. 90% of these women reside in the region of Gävleborg. The women had never tested programming, alternatively tested – but at a basic level.

At the end of the course, a workshop was also conducted, led by Future Position X. The participating women presented solutions on how we could create the conditions for getting more women into programming.
A wide range of suggestions came up;
– Distance Courses
– Mentoring
– Pop-up hubs
– Networks
– Trainee Services
– Camps

We are now looking forward to collaborating in the region to get even more women interested in programming and code.


I sat down with 4 of these women for a short interview.

Andrea Persson

Andrea Persson

Teacher in Physcal Education, Sandviken

Andrea was familiar with Tjejer Kodar as she attended a seminar with FPX/Tjejer Kodar earlier this year here in Gävle.

She uses social media, as most of us do, but she also uses it in her curriculum sometimes, for example a Youtube-channel. Her passion, besides teaching Physical Education is Cycling (Enduro, Downhill and more). These are all very male dominated sports and therefore very few female networks exist. Her goal with the website that she was building during the weekend is to inspire more women to start cycling and to build a women cycling network.

Maria Dahlström

Maria Dahlström

Project Manager, Bollnäs

Maria was searching the internet for Women Networks within the area of IT, and found Tjejer Kodar and this weekend course. She was really happy to note that it was located north of Stockholm which is quite rare.

Maria is undergoing a Scrum Master Certification and will soon take on a new job here in Gävle, with company Sogeti.

Maria wants to address GDPR from a user’s perspective with the website she’s building.

Hanna Lundin

Hanna Lundin

Furniture Restorer/Conservator, Uppsala, Stockholm

Hanna comes from Uppsala and is working as a Furniture and Wood Restorer/Conservator. She has a business set up in Stockholm, Hannas Möbelkonservering and also one starting up in Tierp.

She already has a web page but her goal is to get better at coding to combine this skill with her passion for restoring and conservating. Hanna also wants to build a game and an APP to inspire more people to care for- and restore old furniture.

Veronica Samuelsson

Veronica Samuelsson

Student, Gävle

Veronica comes from Västerås but is studying Community Planning at Gävle University (HiG). As GIS is a part of her studies she is familiar with Future Position X and by following us on Social Media she heard of this weekend course and signed up.

She says that she is a novis in the area of programming, she is however hoping to combine programming with her education and hopes that this will lead to more opportunities when she graduates next year. Veronica is attending the course to build an event page around ”Futurum” which is Gefleteknologerna’s yearly Job Fair.

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