FPX Academy

Future Position X works close with the universities and the educational platforms in the region. We offer students possibilities for collaboration in forms of Theses, Internships and Projects.

Our Offer to Students


Are you writing a Thesis or Master’s Dissertation within the area of Smart, Sustainable and Viable City?
Contact: Per Andersson, Process Manager, Research and Academy

Internship or Project Work

Are you interested in doing an internship or a specific Project with Future Postion X?
Contact: Per Andersson, Process Manager, Research and Academy


At Future Position X we engage in education activities that drives the region forward and contributes to a more sustainable society. We take the drivers seat or participate in seminars, planning of theses, in steering groups, delegation trips and hackatons etc.

Innovation Day

Realgymnasiet works hard at being in the forefront of new technology and its applications and wants to be the school that takes the industry in to the curriculum. One example of collaboration between Future Position X and Realgymnasiet is the annual Innovation Day, where FPX has contributed with an Innovation Mission to the students. Read more about the school’s Innovation Day here


Future Position X collaborates with Tjejer Kodar and host Seminars and Lectures for actors in the region. We also host weekend events for women in programming. Check out our Event Calendar to see possible upcoming events co-hosted with Tjejer Kodar.


Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden.
Future Position X is a Steering Group Member of Folkuniversitetet’s GIS-Education.


A Collaborative Project between researchers at the University of Gävle, regional companies and organizations in Gävleborg County. Learn more about HAR-ira

Geohealth – Master Program

As one of the first Universities, University of Gävle is planning to launch a Master Program in Geo-Health. Read about this program and also about the collaboration with the University of Canterbury and Future Position X here



In addition to running a VR lab at the University of Gävle, Storytech Arena arrange Lectures, Workshops, Courses, Hackatons and other gatherings and meetings to spread knowledge and form new networks within the VR area. Future Postion X is one of the initiators to Storytech

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