With days remaining of 2018 we look back at the achievements and progress we have made during the year. One of these achievements involves engaging and arranging activities to attract more women to a career within programming.

The climate is hard for women in gaming, e-sports and programming. Women choose to play/code under gender neutral names or male names in order not to receive various hard, offensive and harassing comments.

We wanted to change this – to be a part of the solution.

One year ago, in December, we arranged (together with Escape Gaming, Gävledala E-sportförening and Realgymnasiet) the first activity in the Project called Kraft 5.1 – A Gaming Night for girls and non binary between the ages of 13-27.

Yet another activity was arranged with the same organizers in March of this year. That night we wanted to inspire girls and non binary to aspire for Game Development job opportunities.

After these two activities we realized that we were not lacking in engagement but how to reach the girls/women out there who perhaps want to learn to code, but in the male dominant world of programming, choose not to.

We approached Tjejer Kodar who through their intensive courses have created a new landscape within IT Education for women. They had a concept that worked with an extremely high rate of women going on to IT jobs after being educated by their educational system ”Technigo”. So we decided to team-up with Tjejer Kodar for future activities.

September 10th we held a workshop facilitated by Tjejer Kodar – inviting the educational system as well as local companies. Hanna from Tjejer Kodar held an inspiring lecture about how they, in innovative ways, have taken on the challenge of getting more women into programming.  After the lecture, the participants engaged in a workshop. The end result was a large quantity of innovative and possible future activities for us actors in the region to develop and work with in collaboration.

During the weekend of October 27-28 we hosted a weekend course arranged and facilitated by Tjejer Kodar. Over 200 women applied for the course, 34 were chosen. 90% of these women resided in the region of Gävleborg. The women had never tested programming, alternatively tested but on a very basic level. At the end of the course Future position X conducted a workshop with these women. The participants presented solutions on how we could create the conditions for getting more women in to programming.

This activity led to yet 2 more workshops. One with the Educational System in the Region and one mixed workshop with companies and the Educational system. The companies and educational stakeholders came up with concepts that can be realized in the near future, using the ideas that we had received from the women participating in the camp activitiy.

So with one year of activities in this area coming to an end – we know that what is needed in the region to engage women in to choosing educations and jobs within code/programming is a variety of initiatives such as; Distance Courses, Mentors from companies here in the region, Pop-up Hubs, Networks, Trainee Services and more Camps similar to the one held at Engeltofta earlier this year.

The work continues during 2019 and we hope that you are up to the challenge and will join us on this journey!

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