On November 15, Future Position X conducted an Innovation Camp with the aim of creating new Innovation Projects in the Region.

Participants from Companies, Municipalities, the Region and Educational System took the challenge of putting Gävle on the map in a variety of focus areas.

Smart cities and XR Technology were two examples of focus areas. Several ideas emerged during an intense afternoon where the participants’ strengths and abilities played a decisive role.

After 6 hours, there were several proposals for Innovation Projects;

Drones for increased safety in Park Environments
A gaming Hackathon with the goal to contribute to the Sustainability Goals
System Solutions for Logistical Flows
Links between sharing services and local Food Production.

An incredibly creative environment was created through this form of Innovation Process facilitated by Per Andersson, Process Manager Research and Academy and Thomas Castor, Process Manager Innovation.

Many thanks to Gävle Kommun, Region Gävleborg, Högskolan i Gävle, Freelway, Wognum, Gävle Logistikbyrå, Gävle Energi, Athea Innovation, Realgymnasiet, Do Space, Latvian IT cluster and last but not least Engeltofta Sea Lodge Hotel for a great Conferece in an outstanding environment!

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