Emelie Eklöf, Financial Officer at FPX

Hi Emelie, tell us a little bit about yourself
I live in Valbo with my husband and our two children. I consider myself to be a happy and positive person. I enjoy challenges and learning new things. In my spare time I exercise a lot, I do fitness, strength and gymnastics. I have also started riding with my daughter at least once a week. I like to travel, but who doesn’t? Sun, big cities or ski holidays are some favorites.

What is it that you do at Future Position X?
I work one day a week at FPX, I work with the daily financial issues such as accounting, payroll and accounts payable. The remaining part of the week I work at Region Gävleborg, my employer. In the Region I work with financial monitoring, budget and forecast.

Describe Future Position X with 3 words
I would say Development, Will and Drive. The culture and atmosphere of FPX is that you want to move forward, you want to do things better, you want to create value and you’re prepared to work for it. It’s very inspiring to work here.

Thanks Emelie, I wish you a great week!

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