Pär Hedén, Unit Director Marketing, Lantmäteriet

Hello Pär, as a newly elected co-opted member of FPX Board – I would like to ask you 3 brief questions now that you have attended your first Board Meeting and also the Strategy Session with FPX Board and staff.

What are your reflections?
It has been very interesting and rewarding to meet these two days. The board has great energy and are focusing on the future. I believe it was valuable for the board to spend time together with FPX staff who on a daily basis are driving the work forward. Collaborating makes it easier for strategies to come true I believe.

I’m truly looking forward to continue developing the cooperation within the region.

Future Position X, it’s members and collaborators cooperate to create growth, health and quality of life for the citizens in the smart, sustainable and viable city and community.
What do you consider to be some examples of success that FPX have contributed to?

To clearly focus on sustainability and health in the region, I believe this will give a clarity to the ongoing work.
Gävle Innovation Arena is the start of something great for the region, there are fantastic opportunities with the competence collaborating within the arena.

When talking about Innovation, one also talks about the future. What do you think will be in focus within our area in the next few years?

Of course, to ensure success with the projects in progress. In addition to this, I think new innovative solutions will emerge, based on the strategic direction. With FPX as a facilitator, there are great opportunities.

Thanks Pär for taking the time to answer these questions, I wish you a great week!

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