Hello Annika Strömberg, Faculty Manager AHA, University of Gävle

As a newly elected FPX Board Member, I would like to ask you 3 brief questions before you enter the FPX Strategy session.

What are your expectations for these two FPX Strategy days?
We started this strategy process earlier this spring and I am eager to continue the dialogue. It is incredibly exciting to focus on the future, our vision and goals – so I look forward to continue the strategy work with the board members.

When talking about Innovation and Development – Cooperation is one of the most important success factors.
In your opinion – how can we cooperate in this region to promote health and wellbeing in the smart, sustainable and viable city?
The University of Gävle (HiG) has researcher’s rights to examinate researchers in the fields of Build Environment and Health Promotion in Working Life. With that our region has good competence for meeting the social challenges in promoting health and building the sustainable and viable city.

In addition there is a proximity to Region of Gävleborg, the municipalities and the County Administrative board which facilitates meetings between key players in our region.

Management level meetings and involving employees in these issues are nessessary to create a common agenda. Through these engagements – creativity and Innovation is enabled. Here FPX has an important coordinating role – ”to make things happen”.

When talking about Innovation, one also talks about the future. What events and happenings do you think will be in focus within our area in the next few years?

Technical progress is incredibly fast and the question is how we can keep up with that development and use it as a lever for good health and well-being. It can be difficult to predict the future but at the same time we are facing a number of major social challenges in terms of health and well-being. Issues such as; an aging population, increased mental health problems in young people, insecurity in society etc.

Building smart, sustainable and viable societies is about meeting these challenges. For this – cooperation between several skills are needed.

 Thanks Annika for a nice talk and I hope you have two productive, creative and fun strategy days here at Engeltofta. 

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