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Future Position X is an independent Digital Innovation Hub based in Gävle. We support development and growth to promote health and well-being for the citizens of the smart, sustainable, viable community. FPX provides both technology and expertise to contribute to data-driven community solutions.

By initiating projects, creating relationships and building collaborations, FPX contributes to collaboration between business, academia and the public sector. FPX also contributes to knowledge development of new technology by creating meeting places and networks around digital issues such as GIS, AI, Internet of Things and blockchain technology. Our Innovation Platform Gävle Innovation Arena can be used to digitally model societies. We are an important player in the work of strengthening both society and companies through more sustainable growth. 

FPX projects

Read about a few of our ongoing or recently completed successful projects

Green roofs for sustainable cities

The strategic innovation project ”One Roof – Five Opportunities” explores issues surrounding the establishment of green roofs in urban areas. The project is coordinated by FPX and driven within the strategic innovation program Viable Cities, financed by Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Formas. Green roofs can contribute to the society with many different benefts, such as biodiversity, Groundwater management, resilience to climate change and other ecosystem and social values. 

To learn more, visit the project page

GeoLife Region

GeoLife Region is our Vinnväxt Program. The GeoLife Region Initiative was launched in 2013 to make Gävleborg region Europe’s Geographic Information System capital and an internationally recognized region for the implementation of geo-technologies in the advancement of health and wellbeing. Future Position X is initiative coordinator with a process leader for the initiative and one process manager for each platform.

Read more about GeoLife Region here 

The BIG project

The BIG project runs over three years and aims to develop a tool for urban planning in which community services, ecosystem services, and citizens’ quality of life are taken into account. By collecting large amounts of data about the city and connecting these to citizens’ health and well-being you can increase the understanding of how healthy, sustainable, and livable cities should be built in the future.

Read more about the BIG project here

FPX can proudly announce that we, as the only Swedish Cluster so far, passed the renewal of Gold Label certification.

Henrik Dahl, CEO Future Position X:

’’It is essential that cluster organizations continuously work with strategic learning and improvement. This to constantly be relevant in relation to the ever-changing technology and cluster environment context. We find the Gold Label Certification a good tool to ensure that we keep good quality and competitive edge.’’

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