Business models for data in public sector

Business models for data in public sector

IoT Data is an important strategic resource when addressing the challenges of sustainable development. Far too often, the lack of business models is described as one of the barriers to accessing and utilizing data in the public sector. This creates unnecessary barriers that prevent IoT data from contributing to a better life in an interconnected world.

At the same time, there is a challenge in adapting existing models for private sector to public services. Public sector often have other or additional requirements than those placed on the private sector. Therefore sustainable and profitable business models for public sector are required.

The strategic innovation project “Business models for data in the public sector” is aimed at pointing out the direction for how we create sustainable business cases for managing public data. In turn, public sector will have the possibility to create value and net benefits that promote innovations which will contribute to solving society’s challenges from a multi-helix perspective.

Business models for data in the public sector contribute

  • Increased re-use of public data
  • Increased interoperability
  • Ability to make public data scalable
  •  Simplification of procurement processes

Latest news from the project

Time for final seminar

Time for final seminar

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Workshops spring 2020

Workshops spring 2020

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The strategic innovation project “Business models for data in the public sector” is designed overall in accordance with the mission of the Strategic Innovation Program: A better life for everyone in a connected world. Future Position X enters project financing at the initial stage.

About the project

The project includes information gathering, co-creation workshops, information and dissemination of knowledge. The method used in the project should be ” think thank ” to similar groups, workshops and dissemination arenas. The working method will also contain an iterative approach to accumulated strategic learning that the group will receive during the project.

Project objectives

The short-term goal is to provide a way forward for the development of business models for public data. In the longer term, the project will contribute to easier management and increased use of public data.


The project aims to:

  • Identify and clarify the way in which current public data business models constitute an obstacle to business and business development and identify and describe the conditions that need to be addressed to create commercially sustainable solutions linked to the management of public data.
  • Develop proposals for new business models for public data through a series of workshops with relevant players in the private and public sectors. These models shall promote the creation of new business opportunities and support the development of society.
  • Develop the logic linked to the organizations’ current conditions but also projected future conditions and propose how the solution to these should be addressed in an implementation step.
  • Document the results in a white paper.
  • Anchor and disseminate results in relevant arenas.

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