Hi Mikael,

Welcome to Future Position X!

When Per Andersson goes on paternity leave in April, you will fill in for him. Tell us a little about yourself.
To work with ideas, creativity and development are themes of my life – in different positions; as an entrepreneur, as a researcher in entrepreneurship and as a Project Leader. The past few years I have mainly worked as a Process Leader for the development of start-ups, companies, organizations and municipalities, in their thrives to develop their ideas and organizations. Great fun indeed!

What do you hope to achieve in this role?
Working in new settings, with new people and new challenges – are always fun. And I am specifically looking forward to contributing to the many projects, research innovations and organizations already in the path towards an innovative journey.

Collaborating with universities, researchers and schools to help create new ideas and innovations for the contribution of a more healthy and sustainable future. With a background in entrepreneurship and innovation, I am looking forward to help develop other peoples ideas.

In your opinion, how do we create good conditions for innovation?
Often, I have noticed that a fruitful path forward often starts with a strong concept. A Concept that can communicate well – inside an organization and even more importantly, between organizations. It is what entrepreneurs often call ”a well framed idea” that surprisingly often has the strength to cut through – in to a realization. The best concepts create their own path and momentum forward.

Thanks Mikael for a nice talk and we wish you a warm welcome to the FPX-Team.

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