Triip targets businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs with ideas, products or services with the potential to be developed and established internationally. Triip-The Regional Innovation Internationalization Project is for you who have innovative ideas, or represent a micro-enterprise from Gävleborg, Dalarna and Värmland, now have the chance to be involved in developing new methods to succeed internationally.

TRIIP-företag berättar

What does Triip offer?

  • Individual support regarding export and import.
  • 20 hours with a personal coach.
  • Two trips to target market
  • A solid network with other companies and organizstions.
  • Participant fee – 5000 SEK.

How to join the project?

  1. The last day to apply was the 1 of December
  2. Contact for more information and late registration.

Who can apply?

  • Micro-enterprises, which means companies with fewer than ten employees and hold an annual turnover or balance sheet less than two million euro.
  • The company is registered in Gävleborg, Dalarna or Värmland.
  • You are willing to put time and efforts for global market entry.


Fredrik Larsson, Project Manager


Mobile: 070-9595631

Project results


Companies supported by the project (55/60)

Active companies

Completed business analysis

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