Möte med Esri Inc. CEO Jack Dangermond

I dagarna har Future Position X deltagit på Esri Developer Conference i Palm Springs med huvudsakliga syftet att möte Jack Dangermond CEO Esri Inc, den 10 mars.Under mötet diskuterades Esris del i de kommande åren inom Geo Life Region programmet som leds av FPX. Så här skriver våra ”frontrunners” om mötet:

After the initial introduction to explain the 10 year innovation strategy for Geo spatial health and wellbeing, the team thanked Jack for extending the use of the ESRI platform for free to all the Geo-Life Region program participants- both researchers and entrepreneurs – for the next three years.   The team explained about the upcoming Geo-Life Region Research roundtable meeting the 23-25 of March in Gävle, and then discussed the internationalization, promotion and fund opportunities for the program.  Jack extended the offer for the FPX team to showcase leading startups at the upcoming User Conference in San Diego.

Esri konferensmöte Palm Springs

The team also discussed the possibilities for the Urban Observatory initiative, of which ESRI is a partner.  Pending agreement with the other partners, Jack agreed to allow Gavle region data to be incorporated into the model, and for a permanent visual installation to be mounted at Gavle.  Over time we will see the incorporation of Geo-Life Region data to be added to this model.


With our 15 minute meeting turning into a 30 minute meeting, we said goodbye to Jack and we look forward to the future synergy between ESRI and the Geo-Life Region Program.

// Prem Sundaram, Jiaman Tang, Therese Öhman and Johan Soläng

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