Möte med Michael Goodchild i Seattle

Vi har fått nyheter av vår internationella projektledare Jiaman Tang, den här gången besökte hon Mike Goodchild i Seattle.  Mike kommer delta under rundabordssamtalen i Gävle som arrangeras av FPX den 23-25 mars med fokus på internationella forskningsprojekt inom Geo-Life Region.

Goodchild jiaman och Prem

Seattle, USA. March 17th, 2014

Jiaman Tang and Prem Sundaram of Future Position X met with Mike Goodchild, retired Professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and former Director of UCSB’s Center for Spatial Studies.  Mike is also a consulting Professor to Esri, and a long time colleague of Jack Dangermond, CEO Esri.  The meeting was held to discuss the future trends of GIS as they relate to the Geo Life Region program, and to invite Mike to participate in the upcoming Geo-Life Region Roundtable.   The team had a very productive discussion, and the conversation covered such areas as Geo Sports, Geo Genome, Space and Place aspects to Geo Health, as well as the importance of engagement with the Chinese GIS universities and community.  We look forward to welcoming Mike to Sweden and Gävle in the coming days..

Mike Goodchild was elected member of the National Academy of Sciences and Foreign Member of the Royal Society of Canada (2002), member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2006), and Foreign Member of the Royal Society and Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy (2010); and in 2007 he received the Prix Vautrin Lud. His current research interests centre on geographic information science, spatial analysis, and uncertainty in geographic data.