Frukostföreläsning – Wearable Technologies that Provide Situational Awareness, Navigation, Safety, Health Benefits, and Fun.

Välkommen på en frukostföreläsning med världsledande forskaren Tracy Hammond med expertområde inom sensorer, ”sketch recognition” och intelligenta textilier från Texas A&M University. Dr. Hammond deltog på förra årets Round Table Meeting i Gävle och är forskningspartner i Geo-Life Region programmet. Det är en ära att få ha Dr. Hammond som gästföreläsare hos oss och medlemmar samt partners hälsas välkomna att inspireras av hennes innovationer och engagemang inom området.

Tracy Hammond
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Tid: 8:00-10:00
Datum: tisdagen den 22 april
Plats: Future Position X, Teknikparken Gävle
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Haptic (e.g., touch) feedback (such as vibration feedback) can be used to provide a significant amount of information to a user who may otherwise be unable to obtain this information through sight or sound. Activity recognition can be used to accurately identify a user’s actions and/or intentions. We have developed wearable technologies that identify users’ intentions through activity recognition and provide situational awareness through haptic feedback, including information about the objects/people around them, their current location, and their proposed location. We have done initial testing with a) US military paratroopers, b) regular pedestrians who may be obsessed with other objects around them (like texting on a phone or listing to campus tour information), c) motorcyclists, who need their eyes and ears on the road, rather than on the phone examining Google Maps directions, to navigate from place to place, d) gamers, who appreciate the novelty of wearable enhanced games, and e) local visually impaired users who appreciate the extra sensory information to help them navigate from place to place without bumping into things.

Kort om Tracy Hammond:

She holds a PhD in Computer Science and FTO (Finance Technology Option) from MIT, and four degrees from Columbia University: an M.S in Anthropology, an M.S. in Computer Science, a B.A. in Mathematics, and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics. Prior to joining the TAMU CSE faculty Dr. Hammond taught for five years at Columbia University and was a telecom analyst for four years at Goldman Sachs. Dr. Hammond was the PI for over 2.7 million in government and industry-funded research. Dr. Hammond has published over 80 papers on sketch recognition, haptics, and computer human interaction at various conferences and journals. She has taught sketch recognition tutorials at AAAI, Eurographics, and Diagrams, run workshops on sketch recognition at IUI, VL/HCC, FIE, and CHI, and chaired contests on intelligent fabrics. Dr Hammond is the 2011-2012 recipient of the Charles H. Barclay, Jr. ’45 Faculty Fellow Award. The Barclay Award is given to professors and associate professors who have been nominated for their overall contributions to the Engineering Program through classroom instruction, scholarly activities, and professional service.