CRCSI/GSN for Geo Health Meeting will be held in Gävle from 24th to 26th March,2013

Högskolan i Gävle och Future Position X har till sammans bjudit en grupp internationellt framstående forskare med bred spets-kompetens från Australien, New Zealand,  USA och Storbritannien till International Round Table Meeting on Geo Health i Gävle. The special selected members of CRCSI and GSN are:

1.  Dr. PETER WOODGATE, CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI)

2.  Dr. Nicholas Chrisman, Professor and Discipline Head, Geospatial Sciences, RMIT University, Australia

3.  Dr. Narelle Mullan, Health Program Manager, CRC for Spatial Information, Australia

4.  Dr. Geoffrey Jacquez, Professor of Geography, State University of New York, USA

5.  Dr. Clive Sabel, Associate Professor in Human Geography, University of Exeter, UK

6.  Dr. Dan Goldberg, Assistant Professor of Geography, Texas A&M, USA

7. Dr. Malcolm Campbell, Director Geohealth Lab, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

8.  Dr. Tele Tan, Associate Professor with the Department of Computing at Curtin University, Australia

9.  Dr. Tracy Hammond, Director of the Sketch Recognition Lab and Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University